When do I Need To Get a New Hard Drive for My Desktop?
It is important to make sure your data is protected. No one wants to accidentally lose their photos and important documents due to a computer crashing. It is for this reason It is important to know when your hard drive needs to be replaced. There are a number of different reasons a hard drive can fail. These can include power issues, human error, firmware corruption, heat, hardware failure, water damage, and general mishaps. It is important to have you data backed up and to know when to replace your drives.

There are signs and signals that come with a hard drive coming to the end of its life span. An example of this is abnormal noises such as humming or clicking coming from the drive. One of the biggest symptoms of a physical hard drive malfunction is known as the BSOD or Blue Screen of Death. Another Less obvious symptom of needing a new drive is program repeatedly crashing, disk errors as well as frequent error messages while running software.

Data back ups can be done a number of different ways from cloud backups and external hard drives, to internal hard drives. A benefit of having an additional drive is that there is no need for an internet connection in order to access your data.

There are a number of internal drives to choose from. Options vary in size, storage capacity, and type of drive. Hard drives storage capacities vary based on how much storage you need. Drives vary from a couple hundred gigabytes to a couple terabytes. Some drives are called SSD or solid state drives, these drives have many different benefits. They have much faster data transfer rates, they are more energy efficient, and they are a more reliable long-term storage option.  

Preventative care Is a great option. Employing a secondary internal hard takes minutes to install and format. From there moving files over varies based on the amount of data being moved. 

Maintain the peace of mind knowing that your photos, documents, and the rest of your data is safe by getting your backup drives today! 


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