CW988 HUSMM1680ASS204 Dell 800GB 12G MCL SAS-SSD Drive

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Increase storage capacity and system performance of Dell server with SAS-SSD Enterprise-level hard drive. This hard drive offers 800GB storage capacity with a 2.5-inch SAS-SSD interface and 12Gbps data transfer rate.

Brand: Dell
Model: CW988 HUSMM1680ASS204
Capacity: 800GB
Interface: SAS-SSD 2.5 inch
Data Transfer Rate: 12Gb/s
Hot-swappable: Yes
Caddie: Yes
Best for: PowerEdge Servers
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year

Elevate the storage capacity and system performance of your Dell server with the addition of an Enterprise-level SAS-SSD hard drive. The Dell 800GB SAS-SSD hard drive, boasting a 2.5-inch form factor and a rapid 12Gbps data transfer rate, is designed to meet the demands of modern enterprise computing. Here's a closer look at its key features:

With a generous 800GB storage capacity, this SAS-SSD hard drive provides the room you need to store critical data, applications, and workloads. This capacity is well-suited for a wide range of enterprise computing needs, ensuring that you have the space required to accommodate your growing storage requirements.

Equipped with a SAS-SSD interface, this hard drive offers the speed and reliability necessary for enterprise-level performance. SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) is known for its robustness and is a popular choice in enterprise environments where uptime and data access speed are essential.

The 12Gbps data transfer rate ensures swift data read and write operations. This high-speed connectivity reduces latency and boosts overall system performance. It allows your Dell server to process data quickly, making it suitable for demanding workloads and applications.

By integrating the Dell 800GB SAS-SSD Enterprise-level hard drive into your server, you can significantly enhance your storage capacity and system performance. This drive is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise computing, providing the reliability, speed, and capacity needed for modern data-intensive applications and workloads.

In conclusion, the Dell 800GB SAS-SSD Enterprise-level hard drive is the key to achieving increased storage capacity and improved system performance for your Dell server. With its ample storage space, high-speed SAS-SSD interface, and rapid data transfer rate, it's the ideal solution for addressing the storage and performance challenges faced by modern enterprises. Upgrade your server today and experience the benefits of enhanced storage and system efficiency.

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