01AC596 01EJ019 IBM V5000 G2 900GB 10K 12G 2.5" SAS Hard Drive

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Increase performance and storage capacity of IBM System Storage V5000 G2 with reliable 900GB hard drive with rotational speed of 10,000RPM and data transfer speed of 12Gbps in a SAS 2.5-inch interface. This hard drive ships with caddie for easy installation. 

Manufacturer: IBM
Model Number: 01AC596 01EJ017 01EJ019
Product Type: Internal 2.5in
Capacity: 900 GB
Interface Type: 2.5" SAS
Best For: IBM System Storage
Warranty: 1 Year

Take your IBM System Storage V5000 G2 to new heights of performance and storage prowess with the integration of the steadfast 900GB hard drive. Designed to amplify your system's capabilities, this hard drive boasts a robust rotational speed of 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), orchestrating a symphony of swift data access and seamless operations.

Designed to cater to the most demanding data-intensive tasks, this 900GB powerhouse ensures that your system operates with unparalleled efficiency. Applications respond promptly, data retrieval becomes a breeze, and multitasking morphs into a smooth, uninterrupted flow. Experience the tangible difference that a high RPM can bring to your storage environment, optimizing every facet of your computing experience.

The data transfer speed of 12Gbps through the SAS 2.5-inch interface infuses your system with an exhilarating burst of speed, pushing the boundaries of data movement. Watch as file transfers, backups, and complex data operations transpire at lightning speed, rendering waiting times an artifact of the past. This drive positions your system for accelerated performance, where every task is executed with precision and rapidity.

A pivotal feature of this hard drive is its seamless compatibility with the IBM System Storage V5000 G2, ensuring a harmonious integration that maximizes your system's potential. With the included caddie, installation becomes a breeze, simplifying the upgrade process and minimizing downtime. The installation process becomes a straightforward endeavor, allowing you to reap the benefits of enhanced storage capacity and performance without unnecessary complexities.

Beyond its technical attributes, this 900GB hard drive represents an investment in your system's future. Elevate your storage environment's capabilities and fortify your data infrastructure with a reliable component that aligns seamlessly with your existing setup. Whether you're seeking to accommodate expanding data repositories, streamline workflows, or optimize application responsiveness, this hard drive is a dependable solution.

Incorporate the power of the 900GB hard drive with a rotational speed of 10,000RPM and a data transfer speed of 12Gbps into your IBM System Storage V5000 G2. Witness the metamorphosis of your storage capabilities as performance is catapulted to new heights. Embrace the future of storage with a solution that combines reliability, efficiency, and ease of installation, propelling your system into a new era of performance excellence.

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