01EJ590 01EJ727 IBM 400GB 12G 2.5" SAS-SSD Storage Drive

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Optimize performance of IBM V3500 V5000 V7000 Storage Equipment with 400GB SAS-SSD hard drive to ensure reliability and uptime of your network. IBM 01EJ590 01EJ727 offers storage capacity of 400GB at 12Gbps data transfer rate with a SAS-SSD interface and 2.5-inch form factor.

Manufacturer: IBM/Lenovo
Model Number: 01EJ727 01EJ590 01EJ869
Product Type: Internal 2.5in
Capacity: 400GB SAS-SSD
Interface Type: 2.5-inch SAS-SSD
Best For: IBM System Storage
Warranty: 1 Year

Elevate the performance of your IBM V3500, V5000, and V7000 Storage Equipment to unparalleled heights with the integration of the 400GB SAS-SSD hard drive, precisely designed to guarantee reliability and uptime for your network infrastructure. The IBM 01EJ590 01EJ727 stands as the epitome of cutting-edge storage technology, offering a 400GB storage capacity, a rapid 12Gbps data transfer rate, a SAS-SSD interface, and a sleek 2.5-inch form factor.

Experience a transformative boost in your network's efficiency as the 400GB capacity of this SAS-SSD hard drive sets the stage for expanded storage capabilities. From managing extensive data archives to powering high-demand applications, this upgrade equips your system to handle data challenges with finesse.

The 12Gbps data transfer rate propels your data movement into the future. This speed ensures that data operations occur at lightning pace, diminishing latency and elevating overall system responsiveness. Watch your network navigate through tasks with remarkable agility, eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing performance.

The SAS-SSD interface serves as the bridge connecting this hard drive to your IBM V3500, V5000, and V7000 Storage Equipment. This interface ensures seamless compatibility while facilitating an effortless upgrade process. The transition is streamlined, allowing your network to embrace improved performance without undue disruption.

Reliability and uptime lie at the heart of this hard drive's design. Engineered for continuous operation, it guarantees data integrity and system stability. By integrating this drive, you're investing in a network solution that minimizes downtime, enhances business continuity, and reinforces the performance standards of your IT infrastructure.

Embrace the power of the IBM 01EJ590 01EJ727 400GB SAS-SSD hard drive and unlock the full potential of your IBM V3500, V5000, and V7000 Storage Equipment. This is more than an upgrade; it's a strategic move towards optimizing performance and ensuring network reliability. Embrace the future with confidence as your network thrives with enhanced efficiency and uninterrupted operation.

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