01EJ591 01EJ720 IBM 800GB 12Gbps 2.5in SAS-SSD V3700 V2 Drive

Sale price$599.00


Empower IBM System Storage Equipment with the power of Enterprise-SSD for peak performance and exceptional Read/Write to data. IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD is equipped with 12Gbps data transfer speed and comes with a caddie for effortless installation of the drives in Enterprise IBM Storage device.

Brand: IBM
Model: 01EJ591 01EJ720 01EJ870
Capacity: 800GB
Interface: SAS-SSD 2.5 inch
Data Transfer Rate: 12Gb/s
Hot-swappable: Yes
Caddie: Yes
Best for: IBM System Storage
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year


Supercharge your IBM System Storage Equipment with the sheer power of Enterprise-SSD technology, elevating your system's performance to unprecedented levels while ensuring exceptional Read/Write capabilities for your valuable data. The IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD is the ultimate solution, delivering blazing-fast 12Gbps data transfer speeds and streamlining installation with its convenient caddie.

In today's digital landscape, data access and speed are paramount, and the IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD rises to the challenge. With an impressive 800GB storage capacity, it provides ample room to house your mission-critical data, applications, and workloads. Whether you're managing extensive databases, virtualized environments, or data-intensive operations, this SSD offers the ideal blend of performance and storage capacity to meet your evolving needs.

The standout feature of this Enterprise-SSD is its lightning-fast 12Gbps data transfer speed. This remarkable speed not only facilitates rapid data retrieval and storage but also significantly reduces latency, enhancing overall system performance. Your IBM System Storage Equipment will effortlessly handle the high-speed demands of modern enterprise computing, ensuring that your data remains instantly accessible and your operations run seamlessly.

What sets the IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD apart is its user-friendly caddie, which simplifies the installation process in Enterprise IBM Storage devices. This ensures a hassle-free and secure fit, reducing downtime and allowing you to put the SSD to work quickly.

By integrating the IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD into your IBM System Storage Equipment, you're making a strategic investment in performance and reliability. It empowers your storage infrastructure to deliver the speed and capacity required to excel in today's data-intensive environment.

In conclusion, the IBM Genuine 800GB SAS-SSD is your gateway to unparalleled performance and efficiency for your IBM System Storage Equipment. With its substantial storage capacity, lightning-fast data transfer speed, and easy installation process, it's the ultimate solution to keep your storage infrastructure at the forefront of modern technology. Upgrade today and experience the transformative benefits of enhanced performance and data accessibility for your enterprise.

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