01EJ594 01EJ796 IBM 1.92TB 12G RI 2.5" SAS-SSD Hard Drive

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Purchase SAS-SSD high capacity, high performance hard drive for your IT infra-structure to ensure reliability and dependability of your storage system. This drive offers 1.92TB Storage capacity with SAS-SSD interface and 12Gbps data transfer rate, perfect for IBM System Storage Enterprise Equipment.

Brand: IBM
Model: 01EJ594 01EJ796
Capacity: 1.92TB 
Interface: SAS-SSD 2.5 inch
Data Transfer Rate: 12Gb/s
Hot-swappable: Yes
Caddie: Yes
Best for: IBM System Storage
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year

Secure the pinnacle of reliability and performance for your IT infrastructure by acquiring the SAS-SSD high-capacity, high-performance hard drive. Designed to fortify your storage system with dependability, this drive presents an impressive storage capacity of 1.92TB, coupled with a SAS-SSD interface and a rapid 12Gbps data transfer rate, rendering it the perfect fit for IBM System Storage Enterprise Equipment.

Integrate the expansive 1.92TB storage capacity of this drive to accommodate your enterprise's expanding data repositories. Whether you're managing extensive datasets, resource-intensive applications, or mission-critical files, this upgrade empowers your system to excel in data management.

Central to its exceptional performance is the SAS-SSD interface. This cutting-edge interface not only optimizes data transfer but also ensures compatibility with your IBM System Storage Enterprise Equipment. Seamlessly bridging the gap between storage and performance, this interface is the conduit for a streamlined upgrade process.

The data transfer rate of 12Gbps is a testament to the drive's high-speed capabilities, ushering in a new era of data movement. Witness as files, applications, and operations glide effortlessly through your storage system, reducing waiting times and maximizing the efficiency of data exchanges. This drive introduces an elevated level of performance, where data movement is seamless and swift.

Crafted to meet the demands of enterprise-grade environments, this drive guarantees reliability and dependability. Engineered for continuous operation, it assures data integrity and system stability, minimizing downtime and optimizing business continuity.

Embrace the future of storage with the SAS-SSD high-capacity, high-performance hard drive. Beyond its specifications, this drive represents an investment in your system's reliability, performance, and efficiency. As your enterprise's storage needs evolve, this drive evolves alongside, ready to meet the challenges of a data-driven world while optimizing your IT infrastructure's capabilities.

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