753874-B21 HP 6TB 6G 7.2K 3.5 SATA G8 G9

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HPE SATA Enterprise Hard Drives deliver high-performance solutions for hosting mission-critical and high transaction based applications. In addition, enterprise SATA drives improve server response time and accelerate data Input/output speeds. The SATA Enterprise-Class interface was engineered to deliver high performance, reliability, availability, scalability and data integrity. HPE drives undergo rigorous testing and qualifications program to deliver best in class enterprise storage solutions. Upgrade, rebuild, or fresh install your server with 753874-B21 HP 6TB 6G 7.2K 3.5 SATA G8 G9 LFF 3.5in Hard Drive.

Brand: HPE
Model: 753874-B21, 761496-001
Capacity: 6TB
Interface: SATA 3.5 inch
Data Transfer Rate: 6G
Rotational Speed: 7,200 rpm
Hot-swappable: Yes
Caddie: Yes
Best for: HPE Server G8 G9
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year

Compatible with:

Proliant BL Series: BL420c (G8, G9) BL460c (G8, G9) BL465c (G8, G9)
Proliant DL Series: DL20 (G9), DL60 (G9), DL80 (G9), DL120 (G8 G9), DL160 (G8 G9), DL180 (G8 G9), DL320e (G8 G9), DL360e (G8 G9), DL360p (G8 G9), DL380e (G8 G9), DL380p (G8 G9), DL388 (G9)
Proliant ML Series: ML110 (G8 G9), ML150 (G8 G9), ML310e (G8 G9), ML350 (G8 G9), ML350e (G8 G9)
Proliant SL Series: SL200t (G8 G9), SL230s (G8 G9), SL250s (G8 G9), SL2500 SL4550 (G8 G9), SL4545 (G8 G9), SL454x
HPE Storage Arrays: D3600 D3700

Elevate your server's capabilities with HPE SATA Enterprise Hard Drives. These high-performance storage solutions are tailor-made to host mission-critical applications and high-transaction workloads. Whether you're managing vast databases, running data-intensive applications, or handling high volumes of transactions, these hard drives are your ticket to reliable and responsive performance.

Key Features:

1. Enhanced Server Response Time: The HPE SATA Enterprise Hard Drives are engineered to significantly improve your server's response time. Reduced latency ensures that your applications and services run smoothly, making these drives ideal for environments where responsiveness is crucial.

2. Accelerated Data I/O Speeds: Data access and retrieval are accelerated with these hard drives. Their 7200RPM rotational speed ensures that your data is readily available, reducing bottlenecks and keeping your applications running at their best.

3. SATA Enterprise-Class Interface: The SATA interface on these drives is designed to meet enterprise-class requirements. It's built to deliver top-tier performance, reliability, availability, scalability, and data integrity. These drives are up to the challenge of your demanding workloads.

4. Rigorous Testing and Qualification: HPE is renowned for its commitment to quality, and their hard drives are no exception. Before reaching you, these drives undergo a stringent testing and qualification program. This dedication to quality ensures that you're getting best-in-class enterprise storage solutions that you can trust.

5. Versatile Compatibility: The 753874-B21 HP 6TB 6G 7.2K 3.5 SATA hard drive is a versatile solution. Whether you're upgrading, rebuilding, or performing a fresh installation, it's a dependable choice for your server storage needs.

With these HPE SATA Enterprise Hard Drives, you have the power to upgrade your server infrastructure, improve data access times, and ensure data integrity—all key elements for achieving exceptional performance in your data center.

Make a smart investment in your IT infrastructure, and upgrade with the 753874-B21 HP 6TB 6G 7.2K 3.5 SATA hard drive. Experience the difference these high-performance drives bring to your server environment, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced responsiveness, reliability, and overall performance. HPE SATA Enterprise Hard Drives are your partners in delivering the best-in-class enterprise storage solutions your business deserves.

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