7XB7A00069 01GV182 Lenovo 2.4TB 10K SAS 12G 2.5" Hard Drive

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Upgrade Lenovo ThinkSystem with reliable and dependable hard drive 7XB7A00069 01GV182 Lenovo 2.4TB 10K SAS 12G 2.5" Hard Drive provides Outstanding performance for all mission critical applications. In addition; Enterprise HDDs with enhanced sequential and random read/write performance, designed for critical business applications.

Compatible with the following Lenovo Servers:

ST650 V2 (7Z75 / 7Z74)
SR650 V2 (7Z72 / 7Z73
SR655 (7Y00 / 7Z01)
SR665 (7D2W / 7D2V)
SN550 V2 (7Z69)
SR850 V2 (7D31 / 7D32)
SR860 V2 (7Z59 / 7Z60)
SR950 (7X11 / 7X12)
SR850 (7X18 / 7X19)
SR850P (7D2F / 2D2G)
SR860 (7X69 / 7X70)
ST250 (7Y45 / 7Y46)
SR250 (7Y52 / 7Y51)
ST550 (7X09 / 7X10)
SR530 (7X07 / 7X08)
SR550 (7X03 / 7X04)
SR570 (7Y02 / 7Y03)
SR590 (7X98 / 7X99)
SR630 (7X01 / 7X02)
SR650 (7X05 / 7X06)
SN550 (7X16)
SN850 (7X15)


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