Dell equallogic FY4Y0 2TB 7.2k rpm SAS 6Gbps 3.5inch Hard Drive

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Dell Equallogic FY4Y0 2TB 7.2k rpm SAS 6Gbps 3.5inch Hard Drive offers storage capacity of 2 TB with rotational speed of 7200 rotations per minute and data transfer rate of 6gb/second hence making it one of the faster hard drive with rapid read and write performance. This hard drive is compatible with EqualLogic SAN 3.5 inch SAS Interface

  • Brand: Dell EqualLogic
  • Model: FY4Y0
  • Capacity: 2 Tb
  • Interface: SAS 3.5 inch
  • Data Transfer Rate: 6Gb/s
  • Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
  • Hot-swappable: Yes
  • Caddie: Yes
  • Best for: Dell EqualLogic SAN
  • Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Dell EqualLogic FY4Y0 2TB 7.2k RPM SAS 6Gbps 3.5-inch Hard Drive, a high-performance storage solution designed to meet your demanding data storage needs. With a spacious capacity of 2TB, this hard drive offers ample space for storing all your critical data, applications, and multimedia files, ensuring you never run out of storage space.

Featuring a blazing rotational speed of 7200 rotations per minute (RPM), the Dell EqualLogic FY4Y0 hard drive delivers exceptional performance, allowing for rapid data access and retrieval. Whether you're transferring large files, running resource-intensive applications, or managing a database, this hard drive ensures smooth and efficient operations, eliminating any bottlenecks that may hinder your productivity.

Equipped with a lightning-fast 6Gbps data transfer rate, this hard drive enables quick and seamless data transfers, minimizing downtime and optimizing your workflow. Experience lightning-fast read and write performance that allows you to access and modify your data swiftly, enhancing your overall computing experience.

The Dell EqualLogic FY4Y0 hard drive is specifically designed to be compatible with the EqualLogic SAN 3.5-inch SAS interface, ensuring seamless integration into your existing storage infrastructure. It is engineered to work seamlessly with Dell EqualLogic SAN arrays, providing a reliable and efficient storage solution for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to its impressive performance and compatibility, this hard drive boasts exceptional reliability and durability. Built with high-quality components and rigorous testing, it is designed to withstand the demands of continuous operation, ensuring your data remains safe and accessible at all times. With Dell's renowned reputation for reliability, you can trust this hard drive to deliver consistent performance and meet your storage requirements.

Whether you're a small business, a growing enterprise, or a data enthusiast, the Dell EqualLogic FY4Y0 2TB 7.2k RPM SAS 6Gbps 3.5-inch Hard Drive is the ideal choice for those seeking fast, reliable, and scalable storage solutions. Upgrade your storage infrastructure today and enjoy the benefits of increased capacity, improved performance, and enhanced data accessibility.

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