HP 718162-B21 1.2TB 6G SAS 10K rpm SFF 2.5in 718292-001 Hard Drive

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HPE SAS Enterprise Hard Drives deliver high-performance solutions for hosting mission-critical and high transaction based applications. In addition, enterprise SAS drives improve server response time and accelerate data Input/output speeds. The SAS interface was engineered to deliver high performance, reliability, availability, scalability and data integrity. HPE drives undergo rigorous testing and qualifications program to deliver best in class enterprise storage solutions. Upgrade, rebuild, or fresh install your server with HPE 718162-B21 1.2TB 6G SAS 10K rpm SFF 2.5in 718292-001 Hard Drive 

Brand: HPE
Model: 718162-B21, 718292-001
Capacity: 1.2TB
Interface: SAS 2.5 inch
Data Transfer Rate: 6G
Rotational Speed: 10,000 rpm
Hot-swappable: Yes
Caddie: Yes
Best for: HPE Server
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year

Compatible with:

Proliant BL Series: BL420c [G8 G9] BL460c [G8 G9] BL465c [G8 G9] BL660c [G8 G9]

Proliant DL Series: DL20 [G9] DL60 [G9] DL80 [G9] DL120 [G8 G9] DL160 [G8 G9] DL180 [G8 G9] DL320e [G8 G9] DL360 [G8 G9] DL360e [G8 G9] DL388 [G9] DL360p [G8 G9] DL380 [G8 G9] DL380e [G8 G9] DL380p [G8 G9] DL385p [G8 G9] DL560 [G8 G9] DL580 [G8 G9]

Proliant ML Series: ML110 [G8 G9] ML150 [G8 G9] ML310e [G8 G9] ML350 [G8 G9] ML350e [G8 G9] ML350p [G8 G9]

Proliant SL Series: SL230s [G8 G9] SL250s [G8 G9] SL270s [G8 G9]

Proliant XL Series: XL170r [G9] XL190r [G9] XL220a [G9] XL230a [G9] XL250a [G9]

HPE Storage Arrays: D3700 D2220sb StoreEasy 1830 1840

HPE StoreVirtual [VSA]: 4130 4330 4330[FC] 4335 4335 [Hybrid SAN] 4530 4630 4730 4730[FC]

HPE Synergy Systems: D3940 Storage Module

Unleashing Performance and Responsiveness (100 words):
The HPE 718162-B21 hard drive is engineered to deliver outstanding performance, allowing your server to respond swiftly to demanding workloads. With a rotational speed of 10,000 RPM, it enables fast data access and efficient input/output operations. This high-performance capability translates into quicker response times, reducing latency and ensuring smoother application performance. Whether you're running transactional databases, virtualized environments, or data-intensive applications, this hard drive is equipped to handle the most demanding tasks, enabling your business to operate at peak efficiency.

Data integrity is paramount in enterprise storage solutions, and the HPE 718162-B21 drive excels in this aspect. It undergoes rigorous testing and qualification programs to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring exceptional reliability and data protection. By leveraging advanced error correction mechanisms and comprehensive testing procedures, this hard drive minimizes the risk of data loss and ensures the integrity of your critical information. With the HPE 718162-B21 drive installed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and accessible 24/7, even under heavy workloads.

As your business grows, your storage needs will inevitably expand. The HPE 718162-B21 drive offers scalability, allowing you to easily adapt to changing storage requirements. Its 1.2TB capacity provides ample space to store large amounts of data, enabling you to consolidate your information and optimize storage efficiency. Furthermore, its Small Form Factor (SFF) design ensures efficient use of space within your server or storage enclosure, allowing you to maximize the number of drives in your infrastructure. This versatility makes the HPE 718162-B21 drive suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

The HPE 718162-B21 drive features a 6G SAS interface, which is designed to deliver high-speed data transfer rates and improve overall system performance. This interface ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, enabling easy installation and compatibility with a variety of servers and storage systems. Whether you are upgrading your current storage or performing a fresh install, the HPE 718162-B21 drive offers a hassle-free experience and can seamlessly integrate into your IT environment. Its compatibility and plug-and-play functionality make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient storage solution.

The HPE 718162-B21 1.2TB 6G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5in 718292-001 Hard Drive is a high-performance and reliable storage solution for enterprises that require fast and responsive data access. With its exceptional performance, enhanced reliability, scalability, and seamless integration, this hard drive can meet the demands of your mission-critical applications and support your growing storage needs. Upgrade, rebuild, or perform a fresh install with confidence, knowing that the HPE 718162-B21 drive delivers outstanding performance, reliability, and data integrity for your business-critical operations. Invest in this reliable storage solution and unlock the true potential of your server infrastructure.

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