R1XFC Dell Intel I350 Quad Port 1GbE Network Daughter Card for PowerEdge Server

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The Dell I350 Quad Port Network Daughter Card is a network interface card (NIC) designed for Dell PowerEdge servers. It provides four independent Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing for high-speed network connectivity. Here are some key details about this network daughter card:

  1. Port Configuration: The Dell I350 Quad Port Network Daughter Card features four ports, each capable of providing Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The four ports are independent and can be used simultaneously.

  2. Interface: This NIC utilizes a PCI Express (PCIe) interface for connecting to the server's motherboard. The PCIe interface ensures high-speed data transfer between the NIC and the server.

  3. Chipset: The I350 network daughter card is based on the Intel I350 Ethernet controller chipset. Intel is a well-known and respected manufacturer of network components, and the I350 chipset provides reliable and high-performance networking capabilities.

  4. Compatibility: The network daughter card is designed specifically for Dell PowerEdge servers and is compatible with a wide range of server models. It is important to verify compatibility with the specific server model before purchasing or installing the card.

  5. Features: The Dell I350 Quad Port Network Daughter Card supports various features, including VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) tagging, TCP/IP offloading, and advanced network management capabilities. These features enhance network performance, security, and manageability.

  6. Application: This network card is commonly used in server environments where multiple high-speed network connections are required. It enables efficient data transfer, load balancing, and network redundancy for improved server performance and reliability.

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