Seagate ST2000NM0011 2TB 7.2K SATA 3.5" Hard Drive

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Seagate ST2000NM0011 offers a generous storage capacity of 2TB with rotational speed of 7200 rotations per minute and data transfer rate of 6gb/second hence making it one of the faster hard drive with rapid read and write performance. This hard drive is compatible with various servers that support 3.5 inch SATA interface. In addition, Seagate Constellation ST2000NM0011 has a built in Cache 64Mb making it one of the fastest drives for data read/write functionality. This is a perfect 2TB Fast Hard drive for a desktop computer or with an optional External USB Caddie.

  • Brand: Seagate
  • Model: ST2000NM0011
  • Capacity: 2Tb
  • Interface: SATA 3.5 inch
  • Data Transfer Rate: 6Gb/s
  • Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
  • Internal Cache: 64Mb
  • Hot-swappable: Yes
  • Caddie: No
  • Best for: Servers, Workstations, Desktops
  • Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
  • Warranty: 1 Year


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