ST500LM023 Seagate 500GB 7.2K 6Gb/s 2.5" SATA Hard Drive 1RR152-071

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Seagate's slim and savvy ST500LM023 500Gb capacity drive has rotational speed of 7200rpm making processing any application a breeze. This drive has a data transfer rate of 6Gb/s which makes read and write task a breeze too. ST500LM023 is SED (self-encrypting drive) features that help mitigate against data breaches and comply with data protection regulations. Standard 7mm 2.5 inch SATA interface will allow user to easily integrate the drive in a laptop or storage devices.

Brand: Seagate
Model: ST500LM023
Capacity: 500Gb
Interface: SATA 2.5in 7mm
Data Transfer Rate: 6Gb/s
Rotational Speed: 7200rpm
Internal Cache: 32Mb
Best for: Laptop Computers, Storage Devices
Shipping: Free Expedited (USA)
Warranty: 1 Year


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